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KO-SENKO Logistics Co.,Ltd. is
 an affiliate logistics company of Korea Port Logistics Co., Ltd. (KPL), which was established in partnership of Heung Hwa Industry Co.,Ltd., a leading construction company in Korea and SENKO, a leading logistics company in Japan so that it can jump up to be a global logistics company.

 With the goal of establishing the best logistics base among Northeast Asia creating low-cost but high-efficiency logistics flow according to the group’s vision, Vision 2020, it is located in the port logistics complex of Busan New Port, which is a hub of the global logistics, and it is striving to become a complex logistics center of the 21st century pursuing the harmony between freights, humans, and nature.

 Based on experiences and knowhow of the joint-stock company and the affiliates regarding global distribution/logistics networking and integrated logistics, we will grow into one of the top logistics companies in the nation throughout the whole logistics industry including cargo handling, CFS/CY, and the operation of logistics center.

 By securing qualified high-techs related to logistics information, we will communicate with customers, partners, and associate companies in real time and provide customized and one-stop total logistics services to the customers. In this manner, we will constantly challenge and innovate ourselves, considering customer’s convenience as our top priority.


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